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Library Newsletter

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December 2021

December 2021, Volume 20

What's New? In 2021, the KCU Libraries purchased 300+ new e-books, along with print books, e-journals, research databases, streaming videos, and more! Check out the full list here.

Are you starting a research project and don't know where to begin? Take a look at our Research Basics Guide!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the KCU libraries this year!

  • Harriet Forcade Hawley, Ellen M. Hawley (daughter and granddaughter of Esther Elston Forcade, DO (COM 1929)) and James Miller Forcade, DO (COM 1930); photos, publications and papers.
  • Richard E. Wetzel, DO (COM 1953); books.
  • Carol Kirila, DO (COM 1991); papers, publications, father’s OMT table.
  • Suzanne Perkins (daughter of Gail Purves, DO (COM 1940)); books.
  • Dr. Paul Callicoat and his wife Wendy; books and slides.
  • Michael Padden; book written by Mel Robbins who was born at Conley Maternity Hospital and is daughter of Robert Schneeberger, DO (COM 1972).
  • Dr. Mike (Gary) Johnston, DO (COM 1973); books.
  • Dr. Josh Cox, DO (COM 2000); books.
  • Devin Wright, (COM 2022); books.
  • Dr. Robert Arnce, DO; assorted current journals.
  • Dr. Phil Brauer, PhD; “Cell” journal, current & back issues.

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