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Library Newsletter

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September 2020

September 2020, Volume 9

A Look at Library Usage...

The D’Angelo and Dawson Libraries continue to provide library services virtually with the closing of our physical libraries. Statistics show that website visits, Discovery searches, and electronic resource usage has increased in August, which also had higher usage than any other month in 2020. Website visits increased 53% from July to August. 

Your libraries are more than just physical spaces on campus. They act as a virtual portal to information that can be accessed wherever you are!

Don't forget about our Contactless Checkout procedures...

You can still checkout materials from your library including textbooks and flash cards! Visit our Library Fall Services page to find out how to check out and return library materials - we have safe procedures in place to help you get what you need to succeed!


We now subscribe to The Chronicle of Higher Education, an independent news source devoted to national issues affecting higher education. 

Take a look at our monthly listing of New Books and Resources here. 

Your KCU Libraries are implementing safe practices for our book circulation, based on recommendations from the REALM (REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums) Project by OCLC, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Battelle.  Research is being conducted on how long the COVID-19 virus survives on materials you'd find in libraries, archives, and musuems. The project is producing a toolkit of resources and keeping libraries abreast of findings based on new emerging information. 

We are currently quarantining all returned books and materials for a period of three days, maintaining distance between the returned items (no stacking of items), and checking items back in to be circulated after the quarantine period has ended. Your safety is our primary concern! If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to your library staff

Recently Published Work from KCU Faculty, Staff and Students

Michelle Chang, COM 2022 - published in Journal of Elbow and Shoulder Surgery: "Neuroapraxia and early complications after reverse shoulder arthroplasty with glenoid bone grafting"

Huy Doan, COM 2022 - published in American Journal of Opthalmology Case Reports: "Anti-interleukin-6 receptor therapy with tocilizumab for refractory pseudophakic cystoid macular edema"

Allan Giri, COB 2020 - published in Genes and Environment: "Mutagenic, Genotoxic and Immunomodulatory effects of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine: a review to evaluate its potential to use as a prophylactic drug against COVID-19"

Jason Mammino, GME Resident - published in American Family Physician: "Facial Rash with Oral Lesions"

Courtney McClure, Jonathan Montrose, and Hannah Rector, COM 2021 - published in Journal of Medical Practice Management: "Adherence and Diabetes Mellitus"

Myles Mowery, COM 2021 -  published in StatPearls: "Alfentanil"

Johnny Nolan, COM 2022 - published in Pulmonology: "Evaluation of reproducible and transparent research practices in pulmonology"

Cindy Schmidt, PhD, Director of Scholarly Research - published in the book High Impact Educational Practices: A Review of Best Practices with Illustrative Examples"Becoming Our Own Bloodhounds: How to Seek and Find the Information We Need"

Aaron Stafford, COM 2022 - published in Tropical Medicine and International Health: "Is World Malaria Day an effective awareness campaign? An evaluation of public interest in malaria during World Malaria Day"

Nam Vo, COM 2022 - published in Addictive Behaviors: "An evaluation of the practice of transparency and reproducibility in addiction medicine literature"

Have kids at home? Need a fun science experiment?

Brought to you by the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health, Drs. Eric Green and Carla Easter demonstrate how to extract DNA from strawberries using household items. 

Meet your Library Staff!

Each month we'd like to introduce some of our library staff members. Get to know the people behind our library services!

We are living through history as we all work through and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic at Kansas City University. As the historical repository for the University, your library is working to assemble our stories from this challenging time, preserve them, and make them available for future research and study. Please join us in submitting your COVID-19 story to library's historical archive!