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MedOne Adaptive Learner: Home

How to get started with MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1.

MedOne Adaptive Learner

MedOne Adaptive Learner is an adaptive learning medical education platform that uses high-yield USMLE-style questions to support knowledge retention, application, and synthesis from the first day of medical school.

It actively identifies and addresses educational gaps and misconceptions to provide a personalized learning path for each user to supplement course work, practice for class exams, and guide you through the first two years of medical school.

It includes 4,000+ multiple choice questions and answer explanations covering 11 USMLE-specified disciplines, grouped into 188 modules by subtopics relating to organ system, disease/condition, abnormal/normal process, and other concepts related to each discipline.

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  • How does MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1 work?
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D'Angelo Library (KC Campus)

Dawson Library (Joplin)


Creating Your Account.
Navigate to MedOne Education. You must be on the KCU campus while creating your account. (Once you've created it, you will be able to use his resource from home.)
Click on "Sign up for access from home" in the upper right corner of the screen:


Once you are logged in, select "Adaptive Learner" in the left-hand menu:

Click on "Launch MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1:


Your Dashboard will display your progress on each module.


Modules are organized into 11 disciplines, to align with the USMLE Step 1 test. Each module consists of question sets and study resources.

Answer the questions presented to you and select the metacognition button to indicate how confident you are in your answer. Your answer and your self-assessment will power the adaptive learning algorithm.


Learning Slides provide additional information on a topic to reinforce what you have learned.

Your response drives the algorithm to deliver a personalized experience ensuring the most efficient and effective use of your time.