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Library Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The role of the Kansas City University Library Advisory Committee is to advise the University Library Director in matters pertaining to Library policies or practices and to recommend improvements to library services and resources on behalf of Library users. The Library Advisory Committee members serve as advocates for the Library for relevant stakeholders.  

The Committee shall:

  • Advise the University Library Director on current and future needed resources and services;
  • Serve as an informed liaison between the Library and various constituent groups that require information and services from the Library;
  • Make recommendations to address Library problems or issues;
  • Recognize the value of the Library and act with a vested interest in current and future initiatives.


The Library Advisory Committee consists of appointed representatives from each of the Library’s primary user groups. The University Library Director chairs the committee and serves ex officio along with the Provost and the Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Success. Faculty and staff serve a two-year term and student representatives serve one-year terms. Terms are renewable.

Committee Chair Lori Fitterling, MLS
Library Manager, Joplin Bonnie Turner, MLS
Library Manager, KC Abbey Griffith, MLS
GME Representative Kerrie Jordan, PhD
Clinical Education Representative Roman Ramirez
Information Technology Representative Lance Huggins
COB Faculty Representative Nicole Ford, PhD
COM Basic Science Representative Asma Zaidi, PhD
COM Clinical Teaching Representative Kelly Joy, DO
PsyD Faculty Representative Sarah Getch, PhD
Bioethics Faculty Representative Kirby Randolph, PhD
CDM Faculty Representative Kathryn Champion, DMD
Student Representative - COM I Fatima McKindra
Student Representative - COM II Deborah Dele-Oni
Student Representative - COM III Kyle Schneider
Student Representative - COM IV Paul Creger
Student Representative - COB Bradley Thornton
Student Representative - PsyD Kari Jo West
Student Representative - Bioethics Syeda Butool Mustafa
Student Representative - CDM  


Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members  
Provost Edward O'Connor, PhD, MBA, FACHE
Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Success Mike Johnston, DO, MACOI